How to Host

A Host may choose : 1, 2 or 3 day photo shoot. We typically start at 8:00am and photograph a new session every hour and fifteen minutes until finished. 

  1. Contact In and Out Studio, LLC  to schedule and reserve dates. 
  2. Book up to 10 sessions per day.
  3. Confirm booking (date and time) with client 1 week before appointment time.

In and Out Studio, LLC travels to the best grooming centers, animal clinics and pet resorts in TN, KY, MS, FL, GA and Al. Dog and cat clubs, riding clubs, rescue group events, shows and flea markets, are also great places to schedule a photo shoot.

Our mobile studio comes to your locaton and sets up the mobile studio (2018 Mobile Studio) The studio is completely self-contained. Equipped with electricity, water and restroom allowing businesses to provide services as usual, while we're just outside.

We provide a wide variety of backdrops, props and settings that will be selected upon client's arrival according to color, size and personality. Clients are welcome to bring pet's favorite toy, outfit or sporting prop.

We use the latest technology for digital editing and fine-tuning photographs: adjusting color, brightness, contrast, cropping and other editing required to make the images perfect. 

Our modern technology makes it possible for customers to proof and place orders immediately. All sizes and types of portraits are available.

Contact Patsy Harrison or Andy Anderson for more information.

(270) 540-1127